Sunday, 9 December 2007

C'mon Victory... start winning again! And Linux battery woes...

I was down in Melbourne again with my wife this weekend. I was celebrating her birthday, and presented her with her new Olympus camera. On the Saturday night, we went to Telstra Dome in hope that Melbourne Victory would beat Adelaide FC.

Hopes were dashed when Adelaide struck first. I was hoping for a 6-0 win similar to the final (18.02.2007), and something not like when Adelaide last played Melbourne (4-1 loss on 12.10.2007). Then after half time, Adelaide struck again. With Melbourne down 0-2, things were looking bleak. Then I saw some of the best football I have seen from the Victory all year. An attack on the right hand side resulted in a penalty which Capitan Kevin Muscat converted with ease. Then a last minute OG from Adelaide in injury time sealed the 2-2 draw. It was inspiring to see the Victory play, but I don't understand why they have to go down (in score) so much or lose a player (usually to a red card) before they start to play hard.

The Victory now has its backs against the wall. It's either win now for the remainder of the season, or there will be no finals appearance.

On another note, I recently inserted my battery back into my notebook. I know most people leave their batteries in their notebook, but due to the size of my notebook (being a Toshiba P20 running Gentoo), it makes more sense to run it like a desktop. So therefore I don't leave the battery in it (this is even more the case since the notebook did not come with a WiFi card). Anyway, upon inserting in the battery, ACPI claimed it couldn't see my battery. OK, to be exact, it was GNOME's battery monitor that couldn't locate the ACPI battery entry (ie. /proc/acpi/battery). This was quickly fixed, as I also had to compile in a new kernel - being 2.6.23-gentoo-r3. The thing that makes me wonder, is I used to have this functionality in my system about 6 months ago, but apparently, via upgrades of the kernel (even though I copy over the older kernel configuration files and base my builds off them), it has somehow dropped out of the kernel build.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, complete the recompile, and "presto", battery is now seen by GNOME's battery monitor.

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