Friday, 23 May 2003

A little off topic...

It's in the news a lot recently (have a look at this link to Google's news pages), but I was hoping to make a small comment about it here. The topic is SCO vs IBM (with Linux and Microsoft on the side). I don't know all the issues, but it seems to be a slow week for many technology reporters. After reading a dozen articles on the allegations made, I've come up with my own theories...

If this goes to court, it may take a long time. Think of one of the most publicized antitrust cases you can think of length. If a decision is made in court, will it later be overturned in an appeals court, or will the penalty be negotiated so that all sides can leave with their heads held high.

And finally, I don't think that many people (with the exception of the companies directly involved) are really fussed with it. From my understanding SCO issued out a letter to 1500 companies that utilized Linux, stating that they may be doing some type of illegal activity by using Linux. Since no companies were publicly named, I have not heard of any companies all of a sudden looking for alternate operating systems / environments to run their applications on.

Everyone should just get on with life.

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